Orangery Extensions Essex

Orangery Extensions Essex

An Orangery plays a richer, more substantial architectural role than our traditional Conservatory additions, classical design and detailing combine to make a strong statement of individuality.

A grand place, for entertaining, relaxing with friends and family, or for just those delicious moments of private contemplation, a Parish Orangery – with or without the plants and flowers that long ago flourished in these sheltered greenhouses – adds a treasured space to your home.

What Are Orangeries ?

Orangeries were first built within Europe in the 17th century, once glass making technology enabled the possibility to produce large areas of sheet glass. Northern Europeans traditionally used Orangeries to cultivate citrus fruits such as oranges, limes and lemons hence the name. Orangeries were popular amongst the royal and aristocratic residences and were considered a status symbol, as peasants were not able to afford the expensive materials needed to build the Orangery.


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